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Flip Flop Fanatics, Flojos, Acquired by The Courtney Group

The Courtney Group, a private equity and investment banking group, acquired Flojos, a family-owned sandal brand, the company announced Monday.

The flip flop brand began in the early 70s with high-quality leather, nylon, rubber and canvas. The brand distributes with the help of Tilly’s and Flip Flop Shops nationwide.

“We acquired Flojos with a focus on building upon the rich heritage of the brand. Our strategy will include expanding the men’s division, bringing back limited edition styles, including some of the original sandals from Mexico, and expanding internationally,” said Tom Courtney, The Courtney Group president.

The brand gained recognition with the help of athletes like surfer Cole Harmening, Paul Pugliesi, a WSL competitor and wakeboarder Raya Walker.

“As one of the original sandal companies, Flojos has strong brand recognition which was attractive to us. The brand was doing well, the owners just wanted to retire and leave the brand with someone who could build upon the heritage,” John Dickinson, CEO of Flojos said. “We see a tremendous opportunity to expand not only here in the U.S., but the international opportunities are equally great.”