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FN Platform Outlines Top Footwear Trends for 2019 Ahead of Upcoming Show

With weeks to go before the next iteration of its show, FN Platform has outlined the key trends set to shape footwear in 2019.

The trade show, which takes place Feb. 5-7 in Las Vegas, will have more than 30 countries represented across its footwear brands and suppliers.

Here, Leslie Gallin, president of footwear at FN Platform, shares highlights of the trends attendees can expect to see on the show floor.

Top trends for women

Ankle Straps

Although a far cry from the gladiator heels seen a few seasons back, ankle straps prove equal parts delicate and practical. As Galin puts it, they’ll prove a “no-fuss accent for the upcoming season’s favorite shoes.”

Biggest Trends to Watch at FN Platform in 2019
Ankle straps can provide utility or simply add that extra layer of flair to your favorite heels or pumps. FN Platform

Chunky heels

This could be considered “the return of the wedge” but, for the most part, the need for chunky soles hasn’t quite revived the wedge as a fashion staple. Chunky heels for the upcoming season are bigger and brasher than in years past. Gallin said the heel will provide a “solid, bold finish” and more versatility than a stiletto.

Biggest Trends to Watch at FN Platform in 2019
The size of a “chunky” heel can vary greatly. But, it nearly always works as a method to give the wearer a better grip and more stability. FN Platform

Unusual heel details

Pairing non-traditional heel structures with a trendy silhouette might become a great play in 2019, according to Gallin. The strangest and most unexpected styles will likely make waves among influencers and consumers alike.

Biggest Trends to Watch at FN Platform in 2019
If you’re looking for a way to really stand out, off-the-wall heel details may be the move that defines the season. FN Platform


The most playful trend this year, feathers can create an appealing effect when paired with the right silhouette. Gallin praised the trend for being both “fashion-forward and feminine.”

Biggest Trends to Watch at FN Platform in 2019
Feathers are purely for aesthetics but its hard to argue against the overall effect when done correctly. FN Platform

Top trends for men

Chunky sole sneakers

For men, chunky soles were big in 2018 and they will continue that upward trajectory in 2019. The trend toward chunky soles for both men and women is heavily influenced by ’90s fashion and will likely stay in the zeitgeist for a while yet.

Biggest Trends to Watch at FN Platform in 2019
Retro sneaker brands saw a resurgence in 2018, in large part due to the influence of the chunky sole. FN Platform

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Multi-color sneakers

If the trend toward retro sneakers doesn’t work for your brand, colorful and versatile sneakers may be the answer. Gallin says colorful sneakers are the “look of the season” as a separate trend emerges to oppose the minimalist aesthetics of the “dad sneaker” era.

Biggest Trends to Watch at FN Platform in 2019
The sky is the limit for colorful sneakers and major footwear brands like Nike and Adidas are now regularly releasing brightly colored shoes for the masses. FN Platform


For the dress shoe cohort, Gallin foresees the return of brogues to prominence in men’s footwear. The complicated, multi-part upper gives brands a chance to showcase design talent while maintaining a traditional look that always works well in the board room. As business fashion grows more casual, dress shoes have begun to show up outside of the office, too.

Biggest Trends to Watch at FN Platform in 2019
Every pair of brogues can be different and still retain a simple, traditional appeal. FN Platform

Leisure-driven dress shoes

Another effect of business casual becoming the new business dress is that dress shoes can finally focus on comfort. Shoes that look smart without sacrificing comfort will be in high demand among the best dressed of 2019, according to Gallin.

Biggest Trends to Watch at FN Platform in 2019
The best dress shoes of 2019 will be as much fun to wear as they are to look at. FN Platform