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Foot Locker Supports NYC Marathon with ‘Five Borough Challenge’

Foot Locker is gearing up for the New York City marathon with the announcement Wednesday of its ‘Five Borough Challenge,’ which brings together runners from each of NYC’s five boroughs.

Comprised of five local runners who have each overcome significant personal challenges, the team will run the first 13 miles of the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon together on Sunday, Nov. 6.

Runners include those like Kenan Bal, of Queens, who lost his father to lung cancer, to Jen Correa of Staten Island, who lost her home during Hurricane Sandy.

Kelly Roberts, of Brooklyn, who gained more than 75 pounds after her brother’s unexpected death, began running to cope with his absence. Evan Wood, of Manhattan, who struggles with Crohn’s disease, runs because he feels it offers him a sense of control in his life.

The Bronx’s Sean Neal, who used to weigh 300 pounds, began running as a means of losing weight, and completed his first marathon in honor of his cousin Phillip, who was killed on assignment in Tikrit, Iraq in 2010.

“Each member of the 2016 Five Borough Challenge team exhibits tenacity and determination—both physically and mentally,” said Andy Gray, Foot Locker US vice president and general manager. “The stories of these athletes are inspiring examples of the positivity that can come from life-altering events with perseverance and optimism.”

In anticipation of the marathon, Foot Locker is selling the Asics Marathon Collection at select NYC Foot Locker stores.