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Footwear Brands Show Support for FDRA Production Code of Conduct

Footwear brands are endorsing the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) Footwear Production Code of Conduct.

Wolverine Worldwide, Brown Shoe Company, H.H. Brown, R.G. Barry Brands and BBC International are some of the industry powerhouses that have adopted the standards, which were developed to ensure continuous improvements to the working conditions, health and safety and environmental impact of footwear factories worldwide.

Greg Tunney, president and CEO of R.G. Barry Brands and FDRA chairman said social compliance in footwear factories can greatly benefit from collaboration and alignment.

“There are too many duplicitous audits that don’t effectively provide oversight,” he explained. “This code has been sorely needed and it is my hope that it reduces the number of audits on factories while providing more accurate information. That is why we have taken the FDRA Code on as our own.”

“Ensuring compliance in our industry’s factories is more than just the number of audits you can have performed in any given year—the continuity this code has established will provide more accurate results and ensure that the world’s factories are all being measured by the same standards,” said Josue Solano, president and COO at BBC International.

May marks the official adoption of the FDRA Code of Conduct for all Wolverine Worldwide suppliers. Mike Jeppesen, president of global operations at Wolverine Worldwide, praised the industry for coming together to design the shared standards.

“The industry, through FDRA, has worked in a collaborative way to develop universal criteria that will ensure that footwear factories worldwide adhere to clear and attainable standards,” he said. “We are excited about the impact this effort will have for all footwear workers.”