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How the Footwear Community Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Non-profit organizations Two Ten and Soles4Souls launches initiatives to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the relentless tropical storm flooding Texas.

Two Ten offers support to footwear employees and their families in a state of crisis in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The organization asks anyone working in the footwear organization to help by emailing or donating to the Hurricane Harvey Fund.

Soles4Souls is calling for footwear and apparel donations. The organization acts as second wave responders to provide shoes to those affected by natural disasters. The Soles4Souls team is reaching out to partners on the ground in affected areas as well as areas supporting evacuees.

Soles4Souls is requesting: athletic footwear for all ages, men’s and women’s work footwear, rain boots and attire and warm weather apparel.

Donations can be arranged through Soles4Souls Director of Corporate Development, Pattie Graben . Donations can also be made here.

Since making landfall in Texas Friday night, Hurricane Harvey has dropped more than 20 inches of rain in some areas. Rain is expected to continue for the next two to three days.