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Footwear Prices Fall for Second Straight Month in October

Footwear prices fell slightly in October, their second monthly drop in almost a year and a half.

The decline was less than that of apparel prices, however, according to data released last week by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Although the footwear CPI decreased by .9% compared to October 2014, only the second time prices have dropped year-over-year since June 2014, it was less than half the 2.2% drop suffered by apparel prices. On a combined basis, apparel and footwear prices fell by 1.9%.



Women’s footwear prices edged down by .2%, while men’s dropped by 1.4% and children’s footwear prices dropped by 1.7%.


Overall unadjusted inflation in the U.S. increased by .2% in October, as a steep drop in gasoline and other energy prices was more than offset by increases in food, housing and medical care prices.