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Former Deckers Brands CEO Runs for Mayor of Santa Barbara

Angel Martinez, former CEO of Deckers Brands, put his shoe in the race to become Santa Barbara, California’s next mayor.

In an interview with the Independent, Martinez conveyed his desire to make Santa Barbara more open to business, investment and bring in a younger workforce.

As for his qualifications, Martinez named his position as the chair of the board of Deckers Brands and his extensive retail experience as key reasons for why people should cast a vote in his favor. He added that he has the business know-how to help drive Santa Barbara’s State Street recovery, an area of the city known for great shopping, and move the city towards a more sustainable direction, according to the report.

Martinez has a variety of plans he’d like to implement, making the case for fewer chain-stores, and more homegrown businesses. “I intend for this candidacy to shake it up,” he told the Independent. “I’m probably going to piss some people off. But what got us here won’t get us there. People have to be willing to accept that.”

Martinez plans on filing his nomination paperwork Aug. 8.