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This is How to Get a Pair of Pizza Hut’s Pie Tops

Pizza Hut is living up to its title as the Official Pizza of the NCAA by closing out March Madness and the Final Four by giving away a pair of its Pizza Hut Pie Tops sneakers.

The sneakers are a custom-designed basketball shoe that can order pizza for delivery at the press of a button. The sneakers are equipped with Bluetooth communication via a smart button inside the shoe tongue. The button connects the actual Pie Tops shoes to the user’s phone and the Pie Tops app, allowing the user to press the button and instantly submit a pizza order.

Starting March 30, Pizza Hut and NCAA fans have the change to nab a pair through an online contest.

“We had a feeling that people would get excited about getting their pizza at a press of a button, and we were blown away by the response the Pie Tops created,” said David Daniels, Pizza Hit VP of media and advertising. “Final Four weekend is the perfect time to give fans a chance to take their digital ordering experience to the next level—whether they’re watching the games at home or are lucky enough to be there in-person.”

Pizza Hut’s first-ever “Pizza Hut All-American” brand ambassador, Jason Zone Fisher, will select winners in Phoenix, Ariz. and those following his journey to the games on Instagram and Twitter at @PHAllAmerican.

Those watching the games from home also have the chance to get their hands on the sneakers through the Pizza Hut “Pie Tops Hunt.” Starting April 3, Fisher will take fans on a virtual “360 panoramic hunt” to spot a pair of the Pie Tops hidden in Phoenix Stadium.

Fisher was selected out of a 1000+ submissions to become Pizza Hut’s first All-American. The paid opportunity aims to shine a spotlight on how pizza fuels fandom in college sports across the country.