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GiGi New York Threatens to Sue Tommy Hilfiger Over Gigi Hadid Branding

Leather accessories brand GiGi New York has threatened to sue Tommy Hilfiger following Hilfiger’s new collaboration campaign featuring model Gigi Hadid.

According to Fashion Law, GiGi sent Tommy Hilfiger a cease and desist letter referring to the new TOMMYXGIGI line which features the model’s first name on apparel and accessories. GiGi New York demanded that Hilfiger stopped using their trademark on handbags which they claim is a signature item.

“Recognizing the obvious potential for consumer confusion, GiGi New York requested that Tommy Hilfiger cease and desist its misuse and work in partnership to prevent consumer confusion based on the misuse … GiGi has common law priority rights since 2010 and owns federal trademarks for its ‘GIGI’ family of marks. Similar trademarks are held throughout Europe, and GiGi is positioned to defend them on both continents,” reads a statement from GiGi.

GiGi continues that its’ signature two capital G’s, which is currently being used to spell the model’ s name in the TOMMYXGIGI campaign, has no history of use by Hilfiger’s spokesperson Hadid.

According to Fashion Law, Tommy Hilfiger’s counsel has notified GiGI New York that it does not intend to stop using the GiGi mark in its Fall ’16 collection and that Hilfiger “is not concerned about the consumer confusion engendered by such alleged misuse.”