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Golden Goose Responds to Twitter Backlash

The Golden Goose saga continues as the company responds to the twitter backlash unleashed early last week, over the duct-taped,  distressed pair of sneakers retailing for $585 at Barney’s. The company has since released a statement, reported by US online, defending the design.

For those unfamiliar with the twitter storm, those angered by the expensive worn-out shoes took to twitter last week to share their dismay over the shoe’s pricing, and what twitter users have since referred to as “poor appropriation.”

After some silence, Golden Goose finally responded:

“In particular, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, declares that the duct-tape reinforcements appearing on the [“Silver Tape” sneaker] style pay homage to the West Coast’s skater culture — professional skaters, who inspired the brand’s shoe collections from the beginning, use to repair their shoes with the same kind of tape.” The company wrote in a statement on Thursday.

Golden Goose also explained that the company produced distressed sneakers for years prior to this incident.

Since the controversy, Barney’s has removed the shoe from their website, but still offers shoes like the pair that sparked the conversation for similar prices.