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$585 Golden Goose Sneakers Elicit Twitter Outrage for “Poor Appropriation”

Among certain sneakerheads, a pair of beat-up trainers is almost a badge of honor. One brand however, is catching heat on Twitter for selling pre-distressed sneakers for a jaw-dropping price.

The style in question is distressed, duct-taped sneakers by Golden Goose, retailing for a cool $585 at Barney’s stores.

The shoes provoked an outcry from fashion fanatics to those politically minded, and everyone in between. Amidst the drama, Twitter users coined the term “poor appropriation” when describing Golden Goose’s Distressed Superstar Sneakers.

One Twitter user wrote:

According to the Barney’s website, “Golden Goose creators Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo combine artisan craftsmanship, retro silhouettes and signature distressing techniques to create effortlessly cool sneakers and boots for men and women that are perpetual favorites of the fashion crowd.”

Another Twitter user, Stephen Holmes, used his 140 characters or less to voice his confusion over the exorbitantly priced, purposely damaged footwear.

Needless to say, some customers are bypassing the “distressed” look this season. Barney’s has pulled the shoe from its website, although it continues to sell other beat-up styles from the same collection.