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Green, Sparkle and Abstract Florals on Deck for Spring ’19

Color is the gateway for new prints, textures and hand feels for Spring ’19.

“Color has a voice in fashion,” said Julie Gruex, Première Vision trend forecaster.

That voice was amplified Tuesday at Première Vision New York, where Gruex outlined the key color, print and material trends for women’s and men’s apparel and footwear for next spring.

The season starts with a smack of green and marks the first major move away from blue in over a decade, Gruex reported. The color adds an instant dash of freshness and vitality to men’s and women’s trends through pops of acidic tones, smooth gray-greens and army green bases.

Green and purple combinations are back, evolving into lively lime green and lilac colorways for the season’s new abstract flower prints. Floral colorways move away from primary tones and invite soft shades of orchid, punchy red-orange and golden honey—which will be especially important in leather goods and footwear.

Floral motifs blend with illustrations of lions, birds and sea life to create travel-inspired stories. Other florals are generous and open yet hyper stylized and graphic. Gruex compares the new florals to a very organized garden, kept in order by stripes and grid-like patterns.

Geometric structures are updated with metallic accents, semi transparent materials, hallowed-out components and mesh. Lacey looks are created with advanced 3-D printing. Leather is pleated to create bold lines, or embossed to make tile-inspired repetition.

Expect to see more leather combinations with contrasting handles, Gruex said. Grainy textures are paired with creamy hand feels. Soft brushed suedes are mixed with leathers as dry as an orange peel. Here, summer brown can play against accents of fresh and bright tones of red and kumquat orange.

Other trend stories are less precise. Fantasy leathers with blurred images and cloudy colors are made possible through advancements in printing. The fantastical look is carried into trims and accessories accented with watercolor stripes, softened edges, matte and transparent finishes.

Diffused and hazy shades of periwinkle, peach, lavender, grey-green and oyster shell play a prominent role for Spring ’19. Color usage spans saturated solids to abstract spray effects and feather-like tonal gradients.

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The appeal of shine intensifies in Spring ’19. Liquefied effects, crystalized surfaces and metallic sparkle illuminate fabrications. Sophisticated jacquards with metallic threads adds a flash of light, while taffeta accents add a crisp feel. Stamped gold foils and irregular aspects create texture. Designers will use plastic finishes, gel coatings and silicone accessories to enhance shine.