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Hoka One One Debuts a New Style with Flavor

Hoka One One, a division of Deckers Brands, teams up with GU Energy Labs, an energy gel for athletes, to create a special flavor inspired by the new running shoe, the Clifton 4.

The flavor, toasted marshmallow, features a running marshmallow wearing Hoka One One’s Clifton 4 sneaker.

“As a Hoka One One and GU athlete, I am thrilled to bring two fun and innovative companies together to collaborate on this exquisite flavor campaign,” said Magda Boulet, GU VP of Research, innovation, & development. She added, “We relied on customer feedback and a team of taste testers to perfect the recipe for Toasted Marshmallow, and the smooth and delicious flavor we created pairs perfectly with the smooth ride of the Clifton 4.”

The Clifton 4, available in both men’s and women’s, features an upgraded foam package to give runners consistent cushioning throughout the shoe’s life, and combines with an adaptive forefoot for a smooth run.

“The Clifton 4 is amazingly cushioned and amazingly light, so we like to tell this story through our Sweetest Cushion marshmallow character, who embodies the same characteristics,” said Lee Cox, VP of sales and marketing at Hoka One One. “That, combined with GU employee Magda Boulet being one of our amazing athletes, makes for a very natural collaboration.”

The Marshmallow Energy Gel will be available starting July 6 online and at local running retailers for $36 a box, while the Hoka One One sneakers sell for $130.