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Half of All Runners Get Turned-On by Running, Survey Says

In celebration of Global Running Day on June 1, Brooks has published its fourth annual Brooks Global Run Happy Report, taking stock with runners on a broad number of their habits and preferences.

The survey results clearly reveal that the power of running is fierce and goes far beyond the time you start and stop your watch. Nearly all runners surveyed (97 percent) said running makes their day better, while 57 percent said they think of their most creative ideas while running.

The report also included a number of other statistics, including musical preferences while running, with most preferring to keep it old school. Thirty percent of runners prefer classic rock while jogging, followed by pop, dance, modern rock and hip-hop.

Women, meanwhile, said their biggest challenge while running was unsupportive bras, with 48 percent of women saying they already run or would consider running in just a sports bra. Fifty-four percent also say they prefer to run without make-up.

“Every year I look forward to the results of our Global Run Happy Report because they bring to life the transformational power of the run,” said Anne Cavassa, chief customer experience officer at Brooks Running. “I couldn’t agree more that the miles I spend on the running trails are where I do my best thinking. Whether it’s thoughts about work, friends or family, I always return refreshed and ready to tackle the day.”

Thirty-four percent of runners worldwide compared their intimacy style to a marathon: “slow, steady and in it for the long haul”, while 37 percent prefer an interval-style, with periods of high energy and breaks. Only 19 percent admitted they like to get “a little dirty” with a lot of laughs à la mud runs. The run can also be a natural aphrodisiac with more than half of runners (54 percent) reporting the energy boost from running is a “natural turn on”.

When it comes to after the run, most runners (76 percent) said they prefer to take a hot shower afterwards, while when it came to what to eat, 31 percent said they prefer to eat something light and nutritious, like a salad, while 14 percent rewarded their sweet tooth with candies.