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Iofit Smart Golf Shoes Honored for Innovation

Seoul, South Korea-based Salted Venture is being honored by the Consumer Technology Association for its Iofit smart golf shoes, the company announced Thursday.

Salted Venture’s Iofit golf shoes are to be honored with the CES Innovation Award, one of 28 awards the Consumer Technology Association gives out to highest-quality products in various categories ranging from footwear to home appliances. The shoes will be displayed at the CES Innovation Awards Showcase, which runs Jan. 5-8 in Las Vegas, NV.

Iofit is a golf footwear brand that helps the wearer achieve the most effective impact position by measuring the degree to which the wearer’s center of gravity shifts using a sensor attached to the sole. Through a self-developed mobile application, the device can process 30 to 120 data frames per second.

Iofit is another successful Kickstarter brand, having raised more than $102,000 dollars on the platform during a campaign that ended in September. The company is now accepting pre-orders for the shoe, which retails for $171. Salted Venture says it plans to apply the technology used in its golf shoes to other types of sports footwear, such as baseball, tennis and weightlifting shoes.