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Vionic Innovations Lab Expands Team

Vionic footwear has announced that New York City-based podiatric surgeon Jacqueline Sutera, DPM is the newest member of the company’s Vionic Innovations Lab.

A surgically trained doctor of podiatric medicine specializing in the prevention and treatment of foot pathology, Jacqueline Sutera D.P.M. joins Vionic Innovation Lab (VIL) to offer preventative foot health solutions to help Americans achieve optimal foot health. Dr. Sutera will join leaders in health and lower-limb biomechanics, including pioneer of integrative medicine Andrew Weil MD, podiatric surgeon David Armstrong, MD, PhD, sports physical therapist Brian Hoke, DPT, celebrity fitness trainer Juliet Kaska and podiatric surgeon Trevor Prior, DPM.

The Vionic Innovation Lab is a collaborative effort by leaders in health and podiatrics to enhance foot health and advance affordable, innovative technologies through education, research and expertise.

“Three-quarters of Americans will, at some point in their lives, endure foot pain, which is commonly brought on by ill-fitting shoes, weight gain or a spike in physical activity,” said Dr. Sutera. “I take my patients foot pain to heart and want teach them how to prevent, recognize and treat common foot ailments so that they can lead fuller, more active lives.”