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In Japan, You Can Pick Up Nike Orders at Convenience Stores

Nike Japan rolled out a new delivery platform last week, which allows consumers across Japan to order almost any product online and have it delivered to one of more than 12,000 konbini, or convenience stores, in almost every neighborhood across the country.

Although the service takes two days to arrive at shoppers’ local konbini, the idea is revolutionary for Nike and gets products into the hands of consumers faster. Konbinis are often located in convenient locations like the first floor of an apartment building or near a school.

“The goal of this new service in Japan is to bring the best of Nike to the center of life in Japan,” said Erich Siegel, GM of Nike Direct Japan. “By delivering our product to local konbini, we create a faster and more seamless consumer journey and continue to change the game when it comes to sustainability.”

Nike apparel delivered to Konbini will come in a new polybag, a first, made from recycled materials, allowing for a ‘grab and go’ experience. The bag also serves as a return envelope for the product, adding an additional sustainability factor.

The service is now available in Japan and free for Nike+ members.