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Joan Oloff Talk Heels & Comfort With Tennis Icon Billie Jean King

Joan Oloff has made its name selling stylish shoes that are deceptively comfortable, and now the woman behind the brand is giving fans a look behind the scenes.

The third generation footwear entrepreneur says women have come to accept uncomfortable heels as the norm, something she fights to change with her eponymous footwear line.

“My goal is to disrupt the way women look at purchasing footwear enough that other players will need to do this; because women are going to demand it,” says Oloff in a new promotional video, released on Wednesday.

Oloff isn’t alone on her call to comfort, tennis icon Billie Jean King is a longtime fan and was an early investor in the brand. She credits Oloff’s shoes with helping her feet feel better, allowing her to play tennis longer.

“Making this high fashion comfortable is the best,” says King in the video. “It really helped me feel better. Being able to exersize longer and play longer because of what [Joan] did for my feet.”

Oloff is one of a number of designers helping to change the conversation around heels, catering to a demographic of women who are increasingly demanding comfort in addition to style.