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Keen Releases Live Monumental Documentary Online

Following the success of its Earth Day debut in San Francisco with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival—and the subsequent 10-stop national film tour this summer—Keen has released its Live Monumental film online for public viewing.

The 18-minute film showcases the campaign trail, and the Keen teams’ 7,500-mile cross-country journey in a yellow, 1976 GMC RV from Portland, Ore. to Washington, D.C. to advocate for the preservation of 3 million acres of public lands as national monuments. The film aims to capture the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt and drives home the importance of protecting our country’s public lands for future generations.

Launched in July 2015, Keen’s Live Monumental campaign advocates for the protection of public lands with five distinct target areas in the U.S. Through the campaign’s work, both Boulder White-Clouds and Mojave Trails have been protected as a Wilderness and a National Monument, respectively.