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L.L. Bean Taps Loomia to Explore How Blockchain Data Can Elevate its Products

Outdoor retailer L.L. Bean is harnessing the power of blockchain to heighten the performance capabilities of its outerwear products.

L.L. Bean announced its partnership with Loomia, a technology company that adds intelligence to everyday apparel and footwear, to explore how blockchain technology applications can take its business to the next level. Both companies will study how data from Loomia-enabled L.L. Bean garments can measure the performance capabilities and extended use of the company’s outerwear products. With the data, L.L. Bean and Loomia can determine the use rate of apparel, accessories and footwear returned under L.L. Bean’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee—and tailor L.L. Bean’s future product designs to meet consumers’ expectations.

As part of the collaboration, Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL) will be incorporated into L.L. Bean’s products, such as boots and outerwear. Composed of a flexible circuitry, the LEL can heat, light and sense changes while remaining durable and washable. The testing will require L.L. Bean to study how LEL can collect data from the smart garments and provide information about their frequency of wear, motion and temperature. Once the smart garment data is collected, consumers can share their findings with L.L. Bean through the Loomia Tile—a component that anonymously and securely transfers data.

L.L. Bean will also use Loomia’s advanced heating elements in its products, which will enable L.L. Bean’s boots to keep feet warm and provide an extra layer of warmth in cold weather. Unlike other wearable products available in the market, Loomia’s solutions seamlessly fit with L.L. Bean’s product design—without the need for bulky structures. Loomia, which has worked with other brands, like Calvin Klein and The North Face, has helped these major retail players create better products by analyzing consumer-generated data. Secured through blockchain technology, these insights enable consumers to tell brands what they want without facing privacy issues in a digital space.

“L.L. Bean exemplifies quality and focused innovation, centered on functionality and user experience. We are thrilled to be working with this legacy brand as we develop Tile,” Loomia CEO Janett Liriano said. “Loomia is committed to delivering meaningful experiences to both brands and buyers and look forward to advancing that cause with L.L. Bean.”