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The Look @ GDS: Kiltie Verdict

Good-bye hipster, hello prepster. The return of the kiltie signifies a new era of clean, crisp and classic casual footwear without a fringe, stud and scuff in sight. Adapted from Scottish golfing shoes, the kiltie is getting major play for Spring ’17 as designers use the preppy garnish to decorate the tops of loafers, sandals and white tennis shoes.

At GDS, held in Düsseldorf, Germany July 26-28, the go-to look was kilties on stark white uppers. Silos spanned Gatsby-inspired brogues and reinvented takes on the tuxedo shoe to sportier options with open shanks, ties made with traditional sneaker laces and athletic outsoles. Flashes of silver brought a sleek and futuristic touch.

In the case of sandals, kilties served as a substitute for fringe. Brands at GDS combined kiltie details with cork footbeds, flatforms and soft suede sandals. Others exaggerated the motif, transforming the kiltie into ribbon-like loops of leather.