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“Make in India” to Promote Leather Industry at FFANY

The Government of India wants its leather footwear in U.S. stores. The government has created a new “Make In India” initiative to promote its manufacturing capabilities, including raw leather skins and hides and finished leather goods.

Part of the campaign includes providing monetary support to send industry representatives to fashion and footwear events. Representatives from the Government of India and the Chairman-Council for Leather Exports will be onsite at FFANY (Dec. 2-4) to educate and inform potential customers about India’s new infrastructure and the benefits of manufacturing in the country.

According to India’s Council of Leather Exports, the country’s leather industry stands at $11 billion. The council seeks to grow the industry by instituting skill development and upgrading training programs of its young leather workforce. More than half of India’s leather workforce is below the age of 35. With progressive training, the council believes India can be better positioned as a global player in the international leather market.

In addition to sustainability funding, the Government of India is backing a multi-channel marketing campaign, which includes commercial spots introducing the new face of India’s multi-faceted manufacturing industry.