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Meet the “Sociable Shoe” Designed to Disconnect You From Distractions

Step into a pair of shoes, and step out of the digital world? That’s what a new “Sociable Shoe” is promising to do.

Anatomic & Co., an Anglo-Brazilian footwear company, has announced a brand new shoe which it says doesn’t just connect the wearer to the internet – but disconnects them too.

Developed in collaboration with the UCL research institution, and inspired by the “digital detox” movement, the ‘In good company’ shoe allows people to socialize without constant mobile and social media distractions. By personalizing preferences through an app, the wearer can manage and block notifications to minimize interference when they are in the company of friends or family.

Bringing the classic brogue into the 21st century, the ‘In good company’ shoe features an electric blue rubber sole made with Anatomic & Co. Gel Technology, connected to an app-based system via blu-tooth.

“The shoe is a physical manifestation of our mission – to make the world a more sociable place to live, by making the world’s most sociable shoes. After the beta test we are planning to roll this out further so more people can be in good company,” said Moema Pimentel, Anatomic & Co. managing director and chief designer.

A limited edition line of the ‘In good company’ shoe will be featured on Kickstarter and forms part of Anatomic & Co’s Spring ’16 collection.