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This Company Turns Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Shoes

San-Francisco-based shoe brand, Rothy’s, makes arguably the most sustainable shoes around, according to a Reuters report.

The brand, started by Stephen Hawthornthwaite and Roth Martin, uses recycled water bottles by hot washing the bottles, chipping the material into a flake and then extruding the material into a soft filament fiber.

“For us it was about adapting recycled waste that comes to us in the form of recycled water bottles,” Roth Martin, co-founder and head of creative, told Reuters.

The fibers are then loaded into a 3-D knitting machine designed to limit waste during shoe production. Then, the knitted fabric insoles are attached to the shoe’s outsole, which is made from responsibly sourced no-carbon rubber.

The shoes come in two styles: the flat and the point, and in several colors and patterns. Each shoe weighs in at 9.3 ounces, with moisture-wicking capabilities ensuring comfort all day. The shoes sell online for $125-$145.

Making the process even more sustainable, Rothy’s encourages customers to send back their old shoes, for free, to recycle the shoes for future production.