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Missoni, Malibu Sandals Debut New Joint Men’s Line

Malibu Sandals has announced a new line of men’s sandals in collaboration with Italian fashion house Missoni.

Combining old-world craftsmanship with modern design, the Huarache sandals come in six unique colors that were worn at Missoni’s Spring ’16 runway show. Design and production of the sandals was handled by Malibu, while Missoni directed the colors and materials used.

“The modern Huarache sandals were born out of a void in the marketplace for something unique and innovative, yet familiar. Adopting the century old hand-woven details and primal design of the classic Huarache pattern, we have combined contemporary techniques to provide casual performance and comfort features” said Kevin O’Neill, founder of Malibu Sandals. “We are excited to have partnered with Missoni in order to bring this line of sandals to the market.”

Malibu’s handmade sandals, approved by PETA, are made of PU synthetic ‘leather’ and nylon, with a water-based glue. Malibu’s decision to avoid working with any animal by-product is consistent with their support of the California Wildlife Center and their mission to “Be Kind to Animals. Don’t Wear Them.” Malibu has said it will donate 1% of net proceeds to help with CWC’s cause.