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Mizuno Encourages Runners to “Wave” in 2016 Campaign

For its 2016 campaign Japanese performance brand Mizuno is encouraging runners to spread positivity with a “wave”, highlighting the technology in its shoes.

Paying homage to Mizuno’s proprietary Wave technology that has been the cornerstone of its running shoes for nearly 20 years, the “Wave” campaign will encourage runners all across the country to find new reasons to wave to one another.

“Running may be perceived as a solitary exercise, yet running is an activity that brings people together even if just through the unspoken bond created by the simple wave of the hand,” said Kim Hoey, senior director of brand marketing and management for Mizuno USA. “When runners wave to one another, it can indicate support, camaraderie, gratitude or simply a mutual appreciation for one another as athletes. Waving not only represents goodwill toward another runner, it is a symbol of what Mizuno stands for as a brand.”

Mizuno recently released its brand new Wave Catalyst, featuring Mizuno Fan Wave technology combined with a U4ic midsole, offering runners a performance shoe with a lightweight feel.

“The Wave Catalyst is the ideal choice for those who want to feel ‘everyday fast’ without giving up any of the support they need,” said Mark Sheehan, vice president of product management for Mizuno USA. “At a weight of just 9.4 oz. for men and 8.0 oz. for women, it’s a light, versatile shoe that can be used for everything from short interval workouts to long training runs. Runners will love the fit and feel of the Wave Catalyst as they glide smoothly across roads, trails or grass.”

The Mizuno Wave Catalyst is available now and retails for $109.