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Airia Asks: “How Many Heartbeats Can A Running Shoe Save?”

“How many heartbeats can a running shoe save?” That’s the question a new crowd-sourced footwear study is looking to answer.

Launched by Swedish running shoe company Airia Running, the company will recruit runners from all over the world to compare their usual running shoes to Airia’s 1.5 running shoe in a simple treadmill test.

“Engaged consumers want more than the ordinary marketing nonsense, runners not the least,” says Mattias Geisler, CEO of Airia Running. “And this project can prove our own shoe tests in a conceivable and transparent manner and also pave way for new thinking in the running shoe business.”

Airia is currently looking for at least 50 more runners for the rest, and says at least 100 runners will get a free pair of Airias for their time. Interested runners can find out more information through Airia’s website.