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New Sandal Start-Up Promises “Revolutionary” Customization

A new sandal start-up is hoping to solve a common problem of women: too many shoes.

Dooq, a start-up specializing in ladies’ sandals, wants to solve this footwear issue by introducing what it says are the first fully customizable women’s sandals on the market.

Utilizing the same sole, women can swap several interchangeable pieces to give their Dooq sandal different looks for any number of occasions, cutting down on the cost of buying several new pairs of sandals and affording women more convenience when travelling.

“Earlier matching clothing and shoes on a trip was a luxury that not all of us could afford. Now, every woman can choose what color and style Dooq sandals she will wear not overloading the luggage,” said Rasa Pekarskaitė, a representative for the company.

Dooq launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in order to raise the necessary funds, reaching their funding goal of 4,000 euros in one day. The company has yet to reveal when the shoes will hit the market, but they can be backed on Doog’s kickstarter page starting from 48 euros ($58).