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Startup Debuts “Shoe Protector” for Skaters

Tired of coming back from a day at the skate park only to find your sneakers scuffed up? The internet now has an answer for that.

New startup Houkie announced this week that it is raising funds to finish the development of a skateboard shoe protector it says will prevent scuffs while riding.

The Houkie skate “shoe sock” is a flexible “one-size fits all” overshoe cover made of molded rubber that is approxmately one-sixteenth of an inch thick, allowing skaters to keep the “board feel” while riding.

Houkie is seeking $5,000 in order to produce the shoe, which the company says it plans to launch in September of this year. At launch it will be available in black, though other colors are planned. It will retail for a planned $34.99 in the United States.