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Nike Crowned Best Selling Brand in 2014

The activewear market shows no signs of slowing. Nike nabbed the No. 1 spot in Editd’s list of best selling brands in 2014 with its ‘Roshe Run’ sneaker, while Puma ranked third for its suede ‘Femme’ hi-top sneaker.

The worldwide data monitoring system determines best selling brands by which had the highest number of full-price sell outs of products in 2014. Editd said Nike found the most success with footwear, with over 50 percent of sell outs falling in the category. Currently 29 percent of Nike products are discounted, on average by just eight percent.

Ted Baker was named the second best selling brand. The prim-meets-pop British label had a good year with its bloom prints, which appeared on footwear as well as apparel.

Wedges have finally fallen off their pedestal. While certain types of cork footwear, like Birkenstocks and look-alikes sold well in 2014, the report said cork heeled wedges—once a mainstay in spring and summer wardrobes—were among the most discounted shoe style.

Likewise, spritelike shades of green and yellow did not make much of a commercial impact in 2014. Over 60 percent of new products were black, white or grey, Editd reported, representing the basis of many retailers’ collections, and the continuation of 2013’s demand for monochromatic fashion.

Navies and pinks fared better. Fifteen percent of all new arrivals were navy in 2014, while both pastel and bright pink charged strongly right through Q3. However, toward the end of the year, the popularity of pink led to an overtaking by deeper shades of red.

Editd’s analysis is based on data gathered from Jan. 1 to Dec 4, 2014 and takes into account more than 12 million data points from products sold by U.S. and U.K. retailers.