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Nike Experiments with Motion at Milano Design Week 2016

Nike is thinking out-of-the-box and showing its creative side in a new exhibition at Milano Design Week 2016.

Part of a larger show at Milano Design Week dubbed “The Nature of Motion”, 10 progressive contemporary designers were invited to join Nike to explore natural motion through various mediums, looking at its origins, present manifestation and future possibilities. Dubbed “Experiments in Natural Motion”, the exhibition showcases Nike’s Flynit uppers with a variety of materials and objects taking the place of midsole cushioning, including sources as diverse as cat whiskers and champagne packaging.

Other memorable designs include a Flyknit with plungers fastened to the sole to “provide a touch of pace-reducing suction” and Flyknit sneakers attached to a host of beauty products like toe separators used during pedicures, bendable spiral hair curlers and Velcro hair rollers.