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Nike Fails Greenpeace International’s Detox Catwalk

Not all companies are taking steps toward toxic-free fashion.

Greenpeace International on Tuesday released its 2016 Detox Catwalk assessment, which evaluates how effectively 19 major apparel companies are eliminating toxic chemicals from their supply chains.

Benetton, H&M and Inditex were the sole three “Avant-Garde” companies on track for cleaner supply chains by 2020. Esprit, Nike and Victoria’s Secret received bottom rankings under “Faux Pas,” due to the fact that all three companies were not taking action to fulfill this sustainable goal.

“Our assessment shows that the textile industry as a whole is not doing enough to go toxic-free. Sixteen out of the 19 brands assessed are stumbling over transparency issues or failing to eliminate toxic chemicals; with only three years left they must speed up now if they’re to meet their 2020 deadlines,” Greenpeace Germany’s head of the Detox My Fashion campaign, Kirsten Brodde, said.

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