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Nike is Using Footwear Technology to Make Bras

Nike announced Wednesday that it is applying its signature Flyknit construction to its new Fe/Nom Flyknit bra. The bra marks Nike’s first Flyknit apparel innovation.

Nike Flyknit, which debuted in 2012 at the London games with the Nike Flyknit Racer shoe, holds shape while adding areas of greater or less support and breathability, leading the design team to look towards the innovative fabric for women.

After more than 600 hours of biometric testing, including motion capture and patterns designed to enhance cooling, breathability and support, the team created the Nike Flyknit bra pattern. The bra’s exterior looks like a typical, classic sportsbra, but the inside holds a new generation of technology.

“The Nike Fe/Nom Flyknit bra is a new generation of bra,” said Nicole Rendone, Nike senior bra innovation designer. “It offers all of the support, strength and comfort of traditional high-support bras even without all of the components typical to those styles.”

The Nike Fe/Nom Flyknit Bra is available online now on Nike’s website.