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Nike Creates Customized Sneakers in 90 Minutes or Less

Ninety minutes or less—that’s how long it will take Nike to make custom sneakers at its new Nike By You Studio in New York City launching this month.

The company is speeding up its customization process for the new experience, which merges digital design with traditional footwear making.

The invite-only experience will initially be limited to Nike friends and family and select Nike+ members. Users can choose between two silhouettes of the Nike Presto X, a silhouette specifically made for the Nike Makers’ Experience. The process begins with a series of graphic options, which can then be customized into patterns for the upper. Consumers also have the opportunity to input their own type, alter the size of the pattern and the color.

“The intention of the project is to bring to life the collaborative design experience that we offer our athletes,” said Mark Smith, Nike VP of innovation special projects. “They love products that tell their story, so we wanted to combine that idea with a new process of live design and manufacturing that allows our guests to come into the space, work collaboratively with us and leave with a special product in less time than ever before.”