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Nike Wants Students to Succeed, Launches ‘Future You’ Program

More than 20 Nike leaders met with 10 Oregon high schools at its Beaverton, Ore. headquarters for Future You, Nike’s one-day workshop created to help students and teachers envision their futures.

The two-part program attempts to solidify and encourage progressive-thinking and innovative education. Each school team takes part in a process that helps them identify their voice and vision to improve their students’ lives and education. Nike helps the educators, students and families implement the strategy.

Future You was inspired by Innovation Schools work at Beaverton High School supported by the Nike School Innovation Fund that helped the school kick-start the concept that has now evolved into the ten-school pilot. Members of the school administration and faculty, along with Nike leaders, have used the program to create a framework to focus and align student and faculty efforts, so all students graduate prepared for their futures.

Dan Goods, leader of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory team, kicked off the day’s festivities, while representatives from Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) and Nike School Innovation Fund partners also attended.

“Schools are the key to kids’ futures; that’s why we’re creating resources to help them—so students can find a unique view of who they are and what they can be,” said Ken Black, Nike vice president, digital design transformation. “The cool thing is, it’s also relevant to a teacher or families or communities that want to find and own their own vision. The brilliance of every kid has a home somewhere. We want to help prepare them for whatever that will be.”

The 10 Oregon schools served as a model for the program, which Nike hopes to spread to schools and students next year so schools nationwide can apply the techniques.