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Nike’s Ads Most Effective, Study Finds

Nike’s ads are breaking through the noise and grabbing consumers attention, data from a new study finds.

In an analysis of ads from the third quarter of 2016, advertising assessment firm Ace Metrix found that Nike’s ‘Unlimited’ digital ads were the most effective at reaching consumers. Ads assessed in the study were assigned scores for both likeability and how well they kept viewer’s attention.

The sportswear company placed three ads in Ace Metrix’s list of top 10 “Breakthrough Ads” for Q3, including the #1 spot for its ‘Unlimited’ ad featuring amputee triathlete Scout Bassett. Nike’s ‘Unlimited Will’ and ‘Unlimited Youth’ ads, meanwhile, ranked fifth and tenth, respectively.

“Nike and agency Wieden+Kennedy have clearly mastered the art of creative storytelling. This summer’s ‘Unlimited’ campaign delivered three ads on this list, an impressive feat,” said Ace Metrix in its report.

Viewers said they found Nike’s ad “very informative,” while also emotional, with 64 percent of viewers using words like “inspiring”, “empowering”, and “powerful” to describe the ad.

Metrix also noted that three of the top 10 ads on its list, including the top-ranked Nike ad, were digital only, and longer than two minutes, emphasizing the new ways in which brands are reaching consumers.

“As brands strive to deliver higher quality ad experiences, the brands that think beyond reach and weight are having success creating memorable bonds with consumers,” said Metrix.