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Oliver Sweeney Debuts 007-Inspired, Tech-Infused Shoe

Luxury footwear designer Oliver Sweeney and VeryFirstTo, a website dedicated to launching products, debut a collaboration fit for 007 himself.

The duo launched The Secret Shoe, a bespoke dress shoe that discreetly conceals up to six gadgets, or three in each shoe.

For $2,715 a pair, consumers can choose from 12 gadgets to kit out their shoes with, including a tiny camera, a tracking device, an aftershave atomizer holding an Oliver Sweeney fragrance, the world’s most advanced contactless payment ring and even the world’s smallest phone.

The items are hidden within the insoles of the shoes, which can be peeled back to retrieve the gizmos. Wearers can also hide spare keys in their shoe. The shoes take two weeks to create and are offered in black, brown and tan.

While the concept a novelty, the footwear brand has not skimped on materials. The shoes’ laces are made of Kevlar and the shoes leather upper, made out of red deer from Scotland, is hand-cut.

“I’m involved in and obsessed by every part of the shoemaking process, from sourcing the finest leathers to working closely with our Italian, family run factory in the Marche region. We go to extraordinary lengths to source the very best materials from across the globe,” said Tim Cooper, Oliver Sweeney cobbler-in-chief.