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Why Online Conversion Rates Are Higher Than You Think

As omnichannel shopping heightens, retailers could benefit from a cross-device perspective that allows them to track consumers’ purchasing journeys.

Criteo, a performance marketing company, released a report about cross-device measurement and the importance of taking a user-centric view of the purchasing journey. The company’s report indicated that a third of online transactions could be misattributed by marketers not implementing cross-device measurement because they’re not identifying the many devices shoppers use to begin and complete their transactions. Without a cross-device approach, companies won’t know how consumers are shopping, which translates into missed opportunities to market to them.

By understanding how consumers are shopping–via mobile apps, mobile browsers, computers, etc–Criteo says retailers can optimize their marketing dollars, maximizing ROI. Compared to a single device approach, the company says cross-device measurement can generate more accurate conversion rates, which in some cases can be 1.4 times higher than reported by a single device view.

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