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Online Sales Lagging? Check Your Page Load Times

Think your site is fast?

Well, here’s hoping you’re right. According to a new report from web performance firm Soasta, consumers have shorter attention spans than marketers may realize—which means your site load time might be undermining your online sales.

The findings, which analyzed 10 billion user visits from a variety of retail sites, dig deep into user experience to determine what turns shoppers off and what you can do about it. These insights could allow you to better position yourself against competitors, especially the 1,000-pound gorilla in every e-commerce discussion: Amazon.

“While the rest of the digital marketplace was simply driving visitors to websites, Amazon built an online business based on understanding those visitors through data science and performance analytics,” according to Tammy Everts, senior researcher at Soasta. “To compete with Amazon, you need to understand how real users are experiencing your site, and how even small or intermittent slowdowns could be hurting your business.”

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