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Outdoor Industry Organizations Streamline Show Schedules

Outdoor industry organizations are joining forces to meet the changing needs of retailers and buyers.

On Wednesday, Outdoor Retailer (OR), Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and Grassroots Outdoor Alliance announced a collaborative new tradeshow calendar to better serve the industry.

Beginning June 2018, OR Summer Market will shift its dates to June 11-14, and Winter Market will be held Nov. 12-15. Grassroots Outdoor Alliance’s Connect will co-locate with OR Summer and Winter Markets in Salt Lake City, Utah and stage events on June 6-9, 2018 and Nov. 7-10, 2018.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance produces specialty retailer education, with operational and financial support from OIA and OR. The back-to-back events eliminates overlapping dates and allows for a full day of specialty retailer education.

“It is a great time for the industry, as we strengthen our tri-parte relationships and embark on this effort to grow the vitality of the outdoor industry,” said Rich Hill, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance president. “Retailers, brands and reps will attend Grassroots Connect to review new lines fully and discuss orders, while Outdoor Retailer serves as the pre-eminent venue where the entire industry kicks off the industry’s manufacturing and order cycle.”

OR will continue to provide a Winter Expo in January 2019 to meet the needs for product categories with later-season winter order deadlines Through this new partnership, OR will also partner with Surf Expo to develop an expo serving market segments and product categories have later-season summer order deadlines.

“With the evolution of the order/buy cycles, research findings and feedback, we verified there are varying needs for exhibitors, retailers and reps,” said Marisa Nicholson, VP and Outdoor Retailer show director. “By moving to June and November and providing additional events, Outdoor Retailer provides options that best cater to their business goals. Outdoor Retailer is looking forward to presenting full strategies and operational details associated with these events in the coming months.”