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Peak Introduces First Wearable 3-D Printed Basketball Shoe

There’s a new player in the 3-D printed footwear market.

Chinese sports footwear brand Peak introduced the Dwight Howard III-3D last week, touting the shoe as the first wearable 3-D printed shoe to hit the basketball court. The brand debuted the shoe during the 2017 Peak China Tour with Charlotte Hornets’ Dwight Howard III.

The shoe builds on the success of Peak’s first 3-D printed running shoe, the Future, launched in May.

Based on research previously applied to the brand’s 3-D printed running shoes, Peak used the same SLS laser technology and the printing prototyping of the more flexible and lighter TPU powders in the basketball shoe design. The Dwight Howard III-3D is constructed with a lattice structure in the middle of the sole and a 3-D printed TPU structure for the vamp side walls.

Peak reported that 3-D printing is crucial to China’s plan to remain a hub for footwear manufacturing and innovation. The brand plans to apply 3-D printing technology to more products in the future. “Our goal is to transform Peak into the world’s leading professional sports brand through continuous innovation and ongoing expansion into international markets,” said Xu Zhihua, Peak general manager.