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Is a Reebok Pantsuit in Hillary Clinton’s Future?

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has not officially named any designer or label as her de-facto stylist, but given the chance Reebok has promised pantsuits that are as practical and modern as they are stylish.

The sportswear company has taken the liberty to re-imagine the pantsuits of Democratic nominee. The result is a collection of prototype sketches that transform typical Clinton pantsuits into modern, athleisure inspired outfits.

“We wanted to imagine a collection of pantsuits that highlighted power and strength,” said Reebok Senior Director of Brand Management Inga Stenta. “Women like Clinton are tough and unapologetic. Although we don’t often see candidates sweat, the bright lights of the debate and the pressure of the national stage can raise temperatures. Performance wear seems to be the perfect choice for situations like this.”

Reebok proposes that these new pantsuit models be made from their own ActivChill fabric, a polyester elastane blend which has improved breathability and water-wicking qualities.

Clinton has not yet publicly selected a designer to assist her with her political apparel, though she has worn Ralph Lauren in all three presidential debates. With a vibrant red pantsuit at Hofstra University, a navy color jacket with cream shawl collar at Washington University in St. Louis and lastly an all-white ensemble at the University of Nevada.