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Reebok Debuts Collectible Alien Stomper ‘Final Battle’ Pack

Reebok pays tribute to the James Cameron 1980’s cult classic, Alien, this summer with the release of the Alien Stomper ‘Final Battle’ pack.

The collectible shoes are unisex, and draw inspiration from the Alien movie, specifically from the fight between Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and the Xenomorph Queen. Reebok made the boots worn by Sigourney Weaver in the original film, cementing its ties to the blockbuster hit.

The pack is made up of the ‘Queen’ Alien Stomper as well as the ‘Powerloader’ Alien Stomper.

The ‘Queen’ Alien Stomper takes cues from the Xenomorph exoskeleton, made with shiny black patent leather and a green stripe that can be seen through a translucent midsole. The footprint is embroidered with ‘XX121,’ the code designation given to the aliens.

The ‘Powerloader’ Alien Stomper, inspired by Ripley’s cargo suit, features an orange outsole in juxtaposition to the ‘safety yellow’ leather upper, with red arrows referencing the cargo suit’s hydraulic movement. The Reebok logo is covered by mesh panels, while the outsoles and tongue offer quilting. The heel of the shoe features the P-5000 serial number, as well as ‘PWL’ debossing.

Reebok even created the shoebox to represent an aspect from the acclaimed film, made to look like the loading dock where the epic battle takes place.

Reebok’s homage to Alien will be available July 18, paying tribute to the original film’s release date.

The ‘Final Battle’ pack retails for $325.