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Reebok Trains for the Price of a Handshake

Reebok announced Tuesday an extra step in their ‘Be More Human’ campaign by offering free workouts from top notch trainers across the U.S., all for the price of a handshake.

Coming off of their collaboration with Ford for the ‘FitTruck’ at NAIAS, the athletic brand takes their efforts further with a new 2017 campaign, Hands, aiming to bring people together to better the mind, body and human interaction.

“We’re tremendously excited to move into this next phase of Be More Human, a mantra that underpins everything we do,” said Yan Martin, Reebok vice president of global brand communications. “Crucial to ‘Hands’ is a recognition of the importance of human connection, of using the human body as a vehicle to communicate with one another and through which we strive to reach our potential. There could be no better expression of this than offering trainers from our ReebokOne Network to provide workouts in key cities, and only asking for a handshake in return.”

Reebok’s new trainer-on-demand app, Handstand, allows participants in one of the 10 major U.S. cities to schedule an appointment with a trainer. Meetings with trainers must be scheduled from Jan. 17-Jan. 20. Users can participate in the workout throughout the month of January, all for the price of a handshake.

“We look forward to seeing the impact this will have on people from all walks of life and across the country,” said Martin.

The campaigns coincide with the debut of three films: Hands, Slide and Mom. Reebok created the short videos to show customers the direction Reebok will take in 2017, and that hard work can change lives.

“The desire and motivation for fitness exists in all of us—we just need a little encouragement to bring it out at times. This initiative from Reebok, to sweat it out in your home city with an elite 1-1 training session for simple cost of a handshake, is a great enabler to finding that fitness fire,” said Reebok Trainer Emily Skye. “Discovering the virtue of fitness was a huge step on my journey and I hope this is an opportunity for others across the United States to have the same experience.”