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Reebok’s New Campaign Honors Fitness Trainers

Fitness trainers are getting their day in the sun in Reebok’s new content series. The fitness-focused brand is launching the #TrainerTribute campaign, a film series created to pay homage to the professional fitness instructors.

The series kicks off with a film on boxing and combat-style training on June 9 and will continue throughout the remainder of the year. Other films will focus on instructors involved with CrossFit and studio workouts.

“We want to show trainers how much we appreciate them, and we recognize that their contribution to society is much bigger than they are credited for. Fitness educators support us physically, mentally and socially and ought to be viewed in the same way that doctors, nurses and teachers are,” Reebok Director of Instructor Engagement Steve Robaire said.

As part of the #TrainerTribute campaign, Reebok is partnering with Handstand, an app that connects clients with trainers. The app allows users to book trainers to come to them at any time and place for almost half the cost of a gym, while the instructor is able to earn a greater portion of the class fees than they would at a typical fitness studio. The Handstand app is currently live in Greater Los Angeles and New York City, with plans to roll out to other cities in the U.S. and globally.

All instructors that sign up to Handstand will automatically become members of ReebokONE, the brand’s global network of fitness trainers. Members are given priority access to new fitness products and receive substantial discounts to brand new merchandise.