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Reef Launches We Heart Humanitarian Outreach Program

Surf lifestyle and apparel company Reef has announced the launch of a new humanitarian outreach program that seeks to protect and improve coastal communities around the world.

The We Heart program is a three-pronged initiative encompassing education, community development and environmental preservation. Education is promoted through a series of scholarships, community workshops, health education, recycling classes, and clean water workshops. Community development is supported through building or renovating schools, bettering transportation for children, waste management, infrastructure, and orphanages. The environment is protected through beach clean-ups, gardening projects, farming, waste management, clean water, and preserving natural resources.

We Heart just launched with its first initiative, featuring Reef Ambassadors Rob Machado and Brinkley Davies in Bali, at Jodie O’ Shea’s Orphanage. Reef donated $11,500 to repair the roof of the orphanage.