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Resa Wearables Is Printing Custom Insoles at Costco in an Hour

One-hour insoles are the new one-hour photo centers. Custom insole company Resa Wearables offers comfort to go with a new retail initiative rolling out across Costco Warehouse stores throughout the U.S.

The 3-D printing custom insole maker is opening foot scanning kiosks through December, offering customers to have their feet scanned for insoles designed to their exact foot shape.

The custom orthotics are printed right in front of consumers at the kiosks in about an hour. Youth insoles retail for $99.99 and adult insoles retail for $149.99. A two-pair bundle is available for $279.99.

“Our 3D printed insoles help people suffering from foot discomfort by effectively adjusting pressure factors to conform to different parts of the feet,” said RESA Wearables Founder and CEO Glen Hinshaw. “Costco customers will have medical-grade insoles, completely customized to their feet, while they shop.”

The foot care and footwear markets represent hundreds of billions of dollars in annual sales. Resa Wearables was founded in 2016 by an international team with expertise in footwear and foot care technology and retail marketing to disrupt the traditional orthotics industry. The company has leveraged this experience with emerging 3-D printing technology to provide personalized and effective solutions for foot care needs.