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Rocky Brands Introduces Customer Loyalty Program

Rocky Brands announced this week that it is introducing a new customer loyalty program that will be custom-tailored for the company’s diverse portfolio of brands.

Partnering with Clutch, a customer marketing technology provider, Rocky Brands says its new customer loyalty programs will strengthen its relationship with a wide swath of consumers. The company has now launched loyalty programs for four of its brands, including Rocky Boots, Georgia Boots, Durango Boots, and Creative Recreation.

“The diversity of our products and customers requires drilling beyond surface-level detail to gain insight on a customer’s relationship with their brand of choice,” said Richard Simms, president of digital resources for Rocky Brands. “Clutch’s customer marketing platform reveals the unique motivations of each customer – when they buy, how they buy, where they buy – which enables us to deliver exceptional rewards and personalized engagements. That the platform can be tailored for each product line was key – our city dwellers tend to buy differently from our country customers – so we can motivate each accordingly, enhancing their affinity and earning their loyalty.”