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Ryka and Sols Launch Custom 3D Printed Insoles with New App

Women’s athletic shoe company Ryka is teaming up with Sols, a custom footwear manufacturer, to make 3D printed insoles through a new app.

The Sols app uses a combination of computer vision and machine learning technologies—previously used by the medical community to prescribe medical orthotics to patients.

“Today’s consumer is looking for customization and comfort. Partnering with Sols allows us to offer a truly customized product solution,” said Ryka SVP and GM Deb Krivelow in a statement.

The app, which is currently only available for iPhone, requires users to take two photos of each foot, which Sols then processes using specific information from each photo to create a 3D model. The insoles are then printed and sent to the customer’s home.

Each pair of insoles is currently going for $99, but as part of a special discount running from Aug. 26-Sept. 15., customers are eligible for a $15 discount.