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Reebok Turns to Savile Row to Make a Bespoke Suit Made With Flexweave

Reebok is weaving together fashion, sport and innovation in a new prototype with Saville Row tailor Huntsman & Sons.

Reebok and the London tailor shop, which dates back to the 1800s, are working together to create a suit for American football star and Reebok Running ambassador, Brandin Cooks, using Reebok’s Flexweave material. The versatile material, originally designed for footwear, boasts a unique figure-8 weave structure that interlocks different individual fibers.

Flexweave will make its apparel debut with the help of Huntsman Head Cutter and Creative Director Campbell Carey. The suit is slated to be completed by February 2018.

“This a unique, creative and exciting proposition from Reebok. After closely examining Flexweave, we were both surprised and inspired by the challenge of using this non-traditional material to create a bespoke garment. The perfect suit is a fusion between fit, comfort and style—working with Flexweave to hit each of these essentials is an experiment we’ll relish,” said Carey.

Flexweave is the latest innovation to come out of the Reebok Innovation Collective, a part of Reebok’s efforts to stay competitive against performance footwear competitors like Nike, which debuted Flyleather last week.

“Flexweave is one of the most advanced steps in footwear upper construction. We are committed to bringing innovative technology to the running category to re-assert ourselves as a leader,” said James Woolard, Reebok Running brand director.We are thrilled to be partnering with Huntsman and push the limits of fit and function to develop a men’s suit using this innovative weave. Our goal is this level of tailoring in all our footwear.”